Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 21/11/2023

In a rush back to Tokyo, I’m updating the blog from inside the airplane. The cabin is sparsely populated, with fatigued middle-aged and young passengers scattered about, creating a tranquil atmosphere. It feels like everyone has no intention of lending or engaging. I found the Washington Post’s article on the AR-15 intriguing; it serves as a valuable reference when contemplating Japanese news. Today, North American media seems focused on Trump and Argentina.

I have a somewhat dubious junior with whom I have little acquaintance, and there’s a chance they might be gaining some attention. To put it a bit melodramatically, they seem somewhat like a charlatan. In essence, they are unrelated to the struggle concerning the course of civilization in which we are engaged, so it might be best to cast them beyond our field of vision.

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