Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 16/11/20215

Residing in the central district is desirable due to the density of high-rise buildings and condominiums, although one drawback is the inability to see the moon from the window. It’s not that I dislike the beauty of nature, but rather, it’s an artistic representation of tangible elements, and there’s no need to deliberately gaze at the actual scenery. Taking, for instance, photographs of the moon’s surface often resembles a primitive child’s hobby, requiring little technical expertise. However, paintings that transpose moonlight into the dimension of an icy atmosphere capable of extinguishing life showcase a sophisticated civilization. That’s the distinction.

Today, I borrowed materials from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Economics and progressed with work inside a Volkswagen. Currently engaged in experimental research, my aim is to materialize it as swiftly as possible. Nevertheless, over the past year, amidst my extraordinary efforts to persevere, I find myself greatly fatigued, tossed about by the selfish desires of individuals and the bureaucratic excesses. I openly harbor the sentiment that those around me and my friends should temporarily halt their pursuits of population reproduction.

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