Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 29/10/2023

Given the successive news regarding US-China relations, it is evident that actions informed by such circumstances are being recommended. However, presently, after navigating through hardships since the end of September, I have somehow returned to the heart of Tokyo. These challenges persist.

While aspiring to maintain political correctness, I must express that I have struggled to reclaim my original state, having become entangled in the strategies of some highly problematic individuals in certain regions “black-side” of Japan. This harrowing journey is one only understood by those who have undergone such experiences. Such encounters render the use of uncivilized exclamation marks and similar expressions unthinkable.

While closely monitoring the ongoing de facto invasion, I am advancing the resumption of projects in Geneva, Barcelona, Rome, and the City of New York. This critical endeavor adds visual depth to my unique intellectual background, which has nurtured an intimate interest in art history and intellectual history, while simultaneously engaging with global politics, technological innovation, business, and the economy. In illustrative terms, let’s draw a parallel to the works of Van Eyck. It serves as a big picture unraveling the mysteries of the world and, simultaneously, a portable, intricately detailed miniature akin to a smartphone.

Nevertheless, I have been a news reporter since the beginning of my career, and I remain committed to this path without delving deeply into academia. Hence, my intention is not only to share topics within a limited circle but also to promptly return to work in the field of news reporting. Until September, I had interview opportunities with nationwide televisions and news websites based in Tokyo, and there were prospects for employment. However, subsequent hardships have led to my current situation. In any case, I feel the urgency to return to work promptly. Having only experienced regular employment, I also harbor uncertainty about how to proceed.

The clear instigators behind the upheaval in my family are a former colleague who transitioned into a magazine journalist and a student from a regional university aspiring to become a teacher. Given their shameful claim of studying ethics, one would expect an immediate recognition of their deplorable behavior. I have previously singled them out in my blog. They should be held accountable for their actions.

The sole tangible outcome has been progress in the overseas scholarship program of the JASSO.

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