Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 29/10/2023

Over the past two years, I have navigated through truly challenging days. Though originally on the path to marriage, my life was upheaved by the erratic actions of my parents. The inconvenient truth for them was that my fiancé hailed from the offspring of a huge bank employee. Presently, my parents harbor resentment toward the splendid profession I once held as a news reporter, disparaging both my work and my colleagues.

While I suspect my father done the manipulation, it was my mother who executed the broken engagement. Despite projecting fortitude outwardly, my mother is in a state requiring counseling and medical attention, with little hope for redemption. My father, a former government official, in a desperate bid to evade consequences, wreaked havoc in his surroundings. Uncertain of whether I will be acknowledged, I nonetheless lobbied the Ministry of Finance and the National Tax Agency to expose the document forgery incident initiated by him, conclusively marking the end of Masahiko’s profession.

Leading a nearly hermit-like existence, this lifestyle is set to persist indefinitely, made possible by Volkswagen. A search of my name on Google or Bing reveals traces of my student activities, a detail that remains relevant. It appears that my registration at the University of Tokyo continues until 2025, with projects advancing in North America and EMEA.

However, my life should have been more conventional, and I have no intention of forgiving those who should be held accountable. Firstly, my former colleague who transitioned to a newspaper subsidiary’s industry journal must be permanently excluded from journalistic roles. Additionally, the graduate student from local University’s school of Humanities, who exerted an exceptionally detrimental influence, should not attain a teaching position. Until clarity emerges, these monotonous days will persist.

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