Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 24/10/2023

In late September, I have consistently confronted an utterly unimaginable situation, necessitating consistently challenging responses. While enduring chaotic circumstances for nearly two years, the past 30 days have unequivocally surpassed the bounds. It raises questions about accountability in activating such perilous coercive forces, leaving many wondering who should bear responsibility. Doubtless, those involved may harbor considerable skepticism.

Shortly after a brief stay at the University of Tokyo’s B School, I engaged in a conversation with a former colleague reporter, in a Volkswagen vehicle. He is also the grandson of a distinguished professor emeritus at Nagoya University’s Faculty of Engineering. And we discussed opinions on the recent high school conflagration in Nagoya and touched upon a junior colleague who transitioned to public broadcasting. Their insights prove invaluable.

Considering the scholarship provided by the Japan Student Services Organization for overseas university students, I am contemplating resubmitting documents and seeking advice on its continuity.

It is essential to note that “Genzei” is indeed an imitation, of course.

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