Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 14/10/2023 a declaration of a state of emergency

The prolonged hiatus in updates is deeply regrettable. I will provide detailed information at a later date, but I have been consistently filled with profound concern throughout this period. For now, my immediate priority is to proceed with vaccination. I am contemplating receiving all three doses of the Moderna vaccine.

While navigating an exceedingly precarious situation, communication with the civilized world was severely restricted. Regrettably, the response to the formal offer I had received from the University of Birmingham, regarding procedures for enrollment in their graduate school, has been unavoidably delayed. This has engendered a genuine sense of frustration within me.

I aim to progress the New York project toward recovery. Amid challenging circumstances, the staff at the University of Tokyo’s Economics Library demonstrated exceptional dedication and support. I express my sincere gratitude.

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