Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 18/09/2023

I find it rather astounding to have experienced this “attack” at this time. Over the past few days, my behaviors have been confined to a very select set of locations, Universites, restaurants, and so on. Consequently, the conceivable infection pathways have been markedly limited, causing considerable discomfort. Fortunately, I have received assistance from the medical professionals at a Hospital, regardless of the late hours, and my symptoms have been steadily receding. I am presently in a state of recovery. 🧊

Commencing tomorrow, the enrollment period for the graduate program at an UK university, for which I have already received an offer, will commence. I must admit to feeling profoundly perplexed by this timing of infection. However, I possess the unwavering robustness required to execute my essential tasks without any deviation. Additionally, project work has commenced in New York.

By the way, during my tenure as a full-time reporter, my hospital-related investigative work primarily centered on healthcare digital startups, some of which received funding from a major conglomerate such as MC. I also incorporated the case of Toranomon Hospital into my news articles, aside from my involvement in cutting-edge computing for drug development.

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