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Editors’ Diary 15/09/2023

I have been studying economics at the graduate institute at the University of Rome in Italy, where I have already completed all course requirements. My plan is to formally submit my dissertation soon, focusing on research related to the European Common Market and other relevant quantitative, theoretical and historical topics.

As a result of this academic pursuit, I’ve recently taken an interest in watching the Italian state-owned broadcasting network. During news programs, I am often intrigued by the well-crafted advertisements from private companies. It’s quite distinct from Japan’s state-owned broadcasting, which tends to feel like it’s saturated with advertisements even when there are none.

These Italian advertisements frequently feature various car commercials, strategically incorporating ads from international companies like those based in Germany and France. This approach has piqued my curiosity.

Moreover, these car commercials not only convey the product’s image but also emphasize specific subscription-based pricing in euros, demonstrating a significant shift in their business model.

The United States has been driving this change.

We are continuing our work at the University of Tokyo’s Hongo Campus. Young and talented graduate students are dedicated to their research even as the date changes.

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  1. Certainly, my foray into comprehending the correlation between art collections and pricing was sparked during my tenure as an intern at an auction house while I was a student of art history. Since then, I’ve maintained a recurring passion for delving into theoretical and empirical auction studies on a regular basis.

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