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Editors’ Diary 15/09/2023

I’ve recently received a new smartphone case. The territory of consumer behavior is profoundly intricate. During my undergraduate years, I engaged in work pertaining to automotive manufacturers at a market research firm. Additionally, during my early days as a fledgling reporter, I meticulously traversed the passages scattered throughout Tokyo and Yokohama. Incidentally, my initial fieldwork was in Hiroo, Shibuya.

Subsequently, my focus has predominantly shifted towards the management of colossal industries, business planning, research and development, and even government industrial policies. Nevertheless, I believe that my familiarity with urban atmosphere has consistently proven to be an asset in various contexts.

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  1. In essence, I generally place a certain level of trust in their academic research capabilities at the University of Tokyo’s Hongo Campus, which also serves as my primary workplace in Japan. However, as previously discussed in my contributions concerning the preservation of cultural heritage, there is reason to be cautious regarding academically subpar discussions that may prevail within certain divisions not directly involving students. Some of them lack the necessary scientific knowledge, and their public relations skills are quite poor, I believe.

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