Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 14/09/2023

In the past, my individually authored series of articles on optoelectronic semiconductor were publicly released in conjunction with the Japan-US summit. This was an exceedingly significant endeavor, one that pertains to the next five to ten years of the future, and something that no one else but me could accomplish. Despite the sudden disruption caused by my aging, ailing parents, which has deprived me of the opportunities for marriage and child-rearing, I am currently facing considerable adversity. However, this paramount purpose shall forever bear my name, and it belongs exclusively to Gento Nakamura, with no other claimant. This is all that happened in Tokyo.

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  1. In the context of such technology in Japan, A Company is managing to sustain its leadership. At that time, I was once again aided by these connections at the U of Tokyo.

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