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Editors’ Diary 07/09/2023

The news of the state-owned resource company CODELCO, which has been experiencing ongoing confusion, raising billions of dollars in funding in the New York City, as reported by a news agency, was intriguing. Almost simultaneously, in the early morning hours in Japan, a government official issued comments for the press regarding the foreign exchange market (as is well known, in Japan, it’s the government, not the central bank, that leads exchange rate policy). This happened right after the conclusion of the Jackson Hole meeting. I continue to closely monitor such news.

Currently, I find myself passaging various institutions such as the University of Tokyo, engaging in research and conversation. There may be both positive and surprising developments to discuss here. It seems that, during this transitional phase, career paths involving activities at research institutes and using sophisticated hybrid offices at universities may become more common in Japan.

On an unrelated note, there’s a trending story on social media about an unexpectedly talented and unusual guest appearing at concert venues in Copenhagen, Denmark. The creature seems to have been given an office at Harvard and both the option to work remotely.

When considering colonialism, Japan, which lost territories like Taiwan due to defeat, often contemplates scenarios involving Hokkaido. Hokkaido is treated as an overseas territory, and there’s a prevailing sentiment that works into relatively unimportant (in terms of Japan’s governance system) overseas regions should somehow be left to the people of Hokkaido. Conversely, there is a personnel practice of appointing individuals with colonial bureaucrat-like roles to Hokkaido(or Tohoku). Just kidding.

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