Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 04/09/2023

I am starting to envision a promising direction for my future news investigative work and research, which is quite exciting.

I have been on an intellectual journey in institutions near The/Den Hague/Haag, Geneva, Barcelona, and within former the Papal States city, carefully navigating a delicate balance. Among my colleagues there, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside professionals such as multi-track diplomats, international organization practitioners, foreign affairs analysts, lawyers specializing in international humanitarian law related to interventions in armed conflicts and refugee assistance, as well as doctors engaged in humanitarian support.

Conversely, the people I have recently engaged with in New York are professionals or aspiring professionals in related fields but simultaneously, they are some of the most sophisticated ordinary citizens in the world. I find the interaction with them to be of immeasurable value. Furthermore, I sense significance in the fact that, overcoming 20th century’s dark times, the finest continental intellects found their way to this city.

Alongside my work as a news reporter, I am considering the possibility of pursuing a PhD or DPhil if feasible. Additionally, I am exploring the potential of establishing an extremely advanced news media “club” aimed at a highly specialized readership.

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