Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 30/08/2023

Conversations with my parents have been challenging, and there’s a possibility I might return to Tokyo soon. At this age, having to engage with my parents in such a manner is extremely distressing. They should feel a sense of shame. After causing destruction to my family life and work, they have brazenly chosen to wait for the victim to succumb, pushing things in a direction where they become the instigators.

My graduate studies are progressing well. Among the provided reading materials, I came across something quite nostalgia. Art historians quoted by economists specializing in market mechanisms are a rarity.

Furthermore, I am preparing for a job interview or meeting.

My honest opinion is that I have no direction whatsoever to give anything to former friends from my hometown scattered across the country or to old classmates who have relocated to the remote countryside in the Uranihon. I simply don’t feel like providing anything outside of Tokyo city center.

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