Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 28/08/2023

In response to persistent attacks from my family members, I had no choice but to adopt a strategy that increased my immediate liquidity and created a temporary state of relief. While the semester at CUNY has already begun, I am managing somehow, and the procedures for Harvard University are proceeding smoothly. It seems I will be able to handle job interviews with the media.

From my observations, people from the University of Tokyo handle external political influences with remarkable fairness, and I hold great respect for their unparalleled dignity. The challenges they face are undoubtedly considerable, and I fear that without them, this country would swiftly become a shipwreck. I cherish elements of my past interviews, some of which were gifts from people at the University of Tokyo.

Well, even relatively recent scholars like Hans Blumenberg are fond of discussing the imagery of a shipwreck. This imagery, popular during the Enlightenment and revolutionary periods alongside adventure narratives, contains truly innovative potential.

Changing the subject entirely, I made an interesting discovery today. The standard mobile fuel tank in Japan shares the same shape and color as the GOP logo. This could potentially become a significant topic for design history research. Despite being nothing more than a mere news reporter, it seems like a subject I could write a reasonably long paper about.

Joke aside, I briefly attended an art school in the past and was interested in participating in exchange programs with institutions like École des Beaux-Arts, Politecnico di Milano, and UdK Berlin (where Sony’s executives studied), as I heard there were few applicants. However, my interests changed, and I enrolled in another university and ended up in a university in northern Germany. I was near cities close to Denmark and Sweden, where I was deeply impressed by the paintings of the sculptor Giacometti. I avidly studied his works in the Kunsthalle. Yet, in Japan, Giacometti is an artist burdened with highly distinctive political interpretations, making it difficult to choose him as a research topic. While similar aspects exist in various countries, it is truly a complex nation Japan regardless of one’s endeavors.

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