Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 26/08/2023

From pressing challenges to narratives of past interviews, and even a slightly newspaper-esque narrative, today’s writing encompasses a diverse range of topics, yet maintains a consistent perspective.

The procedures at Harvard University are gradually progressing. To think that Harvard, a name so renowned, would pose such perplexities was unexpected. I hold deep admiration for its unmatched reputation as the oldest university in the United States, and this pursuit of learning stands as a splendid step in my personal intellectual explorations. It has nothing to do with the affairs of Japanese politicians or celebrities; it is solely because the program I require exists there.

This, too, is but a single frame of my inner journey, but I find myself fondly reminiscing about my coverage of the semiconductor industry. While the serialized articles bore my name, there is much left unsaid within them, prompting my desire to be involved once more. Through my coverage, I was hinted at the potential to revolutionize investment landscapes in commodities, and I considered it an intriguing idea, addressing it in the article. Reevaluating fundamental indicators like ethylene production and crude steel output leads to numerous reflections.

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