Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 25/08/2023

Due to the disgraceful conspiracy of Masahiko and Misako, I find myself confined to the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tokyo today. Whenever inconvenient matters arise, they interrupt communication in an attempt to shirk responsibility, obstructing my access to essential resources for sustenance.

Undoubtedly, the responsibility of these individuals for abruptly undermining my career and family life due to trivial and mundane local politics in Kyushu remains indelible. Moreover, they have even incited new incidents, leading to an investigation by prosecutors.

Like Mr. Yamaki, there are other disgraceful individuals as well. Notably, the individuals of concern, who are engaging in shameful activities, claim to have majored in ethics, serving as a criterion for discernment (although it seems they were not affiliated with independent ethics research departments like those found in institutions such as the U of Tokyo). This is a case where sanctions enforced by legitimate authority would be appropriate.

However, despite the urgency to move on to the next stage, I continue to be impeded. The start of the new semester at CUNY became possible thanks to the assistance of many commendable individuals. Administrative procedures for Harvard University are also advancing.

Incidentally, I’ve found myself in a somewhat peculiar situation around the econ. and humanities district of the University of Tokyo. It seems I’ve become a modestly recognizable figure, where people know my name without formal introductions. This unexpected honor brings forth a sense of embarrassment on my part.

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