Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 24/08/2023

In the present period of Japan, the weather is dangerous-tropical mudness; nonetheless, my time at the University of Tokyo has been quite comfortable.

My interaction with Vattenfall in Sweden occurred only once, and that was in the context of an article related to a solar car race. As for dams, during my undergraduate years prior to employment, I engaged in a modest exploration of government propaganda during the New Deal era in the United States. The discourse extended to Fort Peck in Montana, which enveloped the imagery of dams along the Missouri River. This subsequently served as a direct catalyst, providing me with a perspective on global infrastructure investments within the context of my later role as a news reporter – a viewpoint that inevitably conjures associations with BlackRock, as many would recognize. Nevertheless, this narrative was predominantly within the telecommunications domain.

During that time, my brother extended greetings to researchers at the University of Missouri as part of his studies and embarked on journeys to assemblies of the American Mathematical Society. He appeared to have merely ventured to the rural areas around Chicago for conducive research, but my fascination lay more in the historical context along the Missouri River.

Subsequently, in my reporter position at the local media, I endured the orchestrated ambiance created by the interplay between power companies and construction contractors, a situation that eventually became profoundly wearisome.

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