Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 23/08/2023

In the process of applying for graduate school, my confusing seems, from an objective standpoint, akin to that of an old school experimental assistant from the “punch card era.” Taking it a step further, it’s almost like a reenactment of the legend of the ENIAC.

Jokes aside, the CUNY office has been exceptionally prompt in their responses, and I’m truly grateful for their assistance. In contrast to many universities in Japan, American universities give off the impression of having highly refined digital tools. They’ve been helping me construct my schedule and providing guidance on student life.

Through CUNY, gaining access to eduroam has opened up a new world, allowing me to stay connected to the world-wide-web no matter where I am, whether it’s the University of Tokyo, Keio University and so on. While the process on Harvard University credits has been exceedingly confusing, I’m managing to navigate through it somehow.

Recently, while in the company of a woman with whom I had previously crossed paths during our student days—she was originally pursuing studies in German history—I had the privilege of partaking in a stimulating conversation. During this exchange, it came to my attention that a fellow classmate, with whom I had shared the experience of exploring literary works during our academic tenure, had been disseminating narratives that were not grounded in fact among our social circle. It is conceivable that his actions played a contributory role in generating the ensuing state of perplexity. Undeniably, he was perceived as a persona non grata within the confines of our Gakugei University due to his disorganized thinking or incoherent behavior, yet he remained a dear friend in my personal sphere.

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