Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 22/08/2023

In my academic pursuits until now, I’ve seldom relied on libraries. However, the research libraries at the University of Tokyo have become an indispensable resource due to their exceptional convenience for accessing digital materials and scholarly articles. I find myself fully dependent on them. Moreover, the law and economics libraries stand out for their excellence, and I often find myself extending borrowed materials right to the brink of the due date. The UTokyo Wi-Fi network is truly commendable.

Furthermore, moving forward, I now have the privilege of utilizing campus facilities located within Manhattan at the City University of New York. In the remarkably confined downtown area, campuses such as the Graduate Center and Baruch College are concentrated. The business school at Baruch College on Lexington Avenue, positioned near Wall Street, engages a substantial number of Japanese students and even seems to host projects funded by major Japanese trading companies. Additionally, the Newman Library, open 24 hours, appears to be an incredibly convenient resource. The availability of eduroam has facilitated web access at affiliated universities worldwide.

In Switzerland, I am affiliated with a United Nations agency, and it’s worth noting that the headquarters of this organization are also situated in the vicinity of these campuses.

The Bay Area near Tokyo’s financial district lacks universities, with only the Tokyo branch of the renowned Leiden University from the Netherlands being a notable presence.

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