Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 18/08/2023

It is truly disheartening to become distant from many people. Due to the self-centered actions of my parents, Masahiko Nakamura and Misako Nakamura, I have lost both my professional career and my family life. They have rendered me, who was once self-sufficient, into a state where I cannot sustain life without their assistance. Furthermore, when I take actions that benefit myself, they respond with anger and threaten to withdraw their support. Can such a dire situation be deemed acceptable?

While I am making determined efforts beyond the ordinary, utilizing the facilities of the University of Tokyo to pursue my research activities, it is important to acknowledge that I should have been accumulating a variety of experiences within the realm of journalism. Their unjustified usurpation of this potential and imposition of circumstances so extreme that even disappearance becomes a possibility is something I am absolutely unwilling to forgive. I fully intend to vigilantly observe the upcoming criminal proceedings concerning the crimes committed by them.

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