Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 17/08/2023

Continuing my work today, I am making strides utilizing the UTokyo Wi-Fi once again. My master’s thesis is in its final stages, and I am meticulously refining its nuances. I am presently in consultation with my esteemed mentor in Europe regarding the prospect of incorporating the phrase “Integrating Intellectual History” into the title.

Separately, the coursework for the Master’s program in Diplomacy and Security at the United Nations Institute is poised to resume shortly. I am actively fostering close collaboration in this domain as well.

Incidentally, it is my belief that individuals who aspire to engage in the study of philosophers who uphold the autonomy of art, despite the possibility that they may have abandoned this pursuit, would be gravely misguided to capitalize on interventions by local governments or authorities, as epitomized by the legal term “Gewalt.” Just as someone like Mr. Yamaki Takayuki 八巻高之, who claims to have studied moral philosophy, disrupts the lives of others without any noble cause, it is equally perturbing. Our nation requires a profound sense of “higher purpose” at this juncture.

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