Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 17/08/2023

I am deeply grateful for the fortunate opportunity of being accepted into the graduate program at the City University of New York located on Manhattan Island. Upon paying the relatively affordable tuition, I will have the chance to attend starting this autumn. Currently, my job search in Japan is progressing reasonably well. To juggle both pursuits, I am contemplating the necessity of utilizing the long-range study option. While exploring the feasibility of such an endeavor, I find myself progressing with the procedures for the autumn enrollment.

The methodology I have been implementing in European graduate schools, involving intensive coursework with outstanding performance and then focusing on a thesis using the exceptionally well-equipped facilities at the University of Tokyo’s Hongo Campus, is indeed commendable. Expanding upon this approach further, pursuing a European PhD while continuing to work also seems to be an appealing option.

However, degrees and qualifications often have limited correlation with an individual’s capabilities. With the honor of having triumphed in significant tough-world scenarios solely with a B.A., I am inclined to prioritize substance over superficial embellishments and aspire to swiftly return to the journalism world.

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