Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 15/08/2023

Today, I experienced an incredible journey. I departed from the usual University of Tokyo Hongo Campus and took a short trip to Nagoya, Aichi in a Volkswagen. Although I had planned to go further, I had to turn back due to fuel constraints.

By the way, a colleague from my first job has roots in Shizuoka and Aichi, and we still maintain a connection. He often boasts that his family has been awarded royal medals for achievements in academic fields like fluid dynamics, and his parents work at research institutes. Aichi Prefecture boasts several prominent art museums and a public arts university, showcasing a high level of intellectual index.

On the way, as reports of an approaching typhoon circulated, I drove along the Pacific coastline, observing the spray of the ocean waves. I’ve long emphasized the significance of paintings depicting waves, such as those by the French artist Gustave Courbet and Norway’s Johan Christian Dahl. I intend to write more about this on a different occasion.

Speaking of waves, radio waves are indispensable in modern communication technology. Investigating state permits and licenses was an important task assigned to me as a journalist. During my investigations, I had opportunities to interact with overseas communication technology companies like Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei. I plan to return to a news company and continue progressing with the work that is still ongoing.

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