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Editors’ Diary 15/08/2023

In my days as a news reporter, I had the privilege of engaging with LM Ericsson, an industry leader boasting the largest share in the Western world’s market for next-generation high-speed communication base stations, including 5G. While the specifics are shrouded in security considerations, it’s worth noting that components and elemental technologies from Japanese corporations, like Sumitomo Electric, have been extensively incorporated into these base stations. However, the presence of Japanese enterprises within the overarching domain of the communication infrastructure market remains relatively inconspicuous in contemporary times. According to insights from the industry consortium GSMA, the expansion of 5G coverage is currently dominated by a triumvirate comprising China, the United States, Japan, and India, with the promise of further augmentation in regions such as EMEA. My fascination with this field remains resolute.

In the Nordic region, major communication infrastructure enterprises have chosen to establish their headquarters. Beyond my involvement in the telecommunications sector, I have also engaged with the Nordic sphere through my coverage of Nobel Prize-related technologies. Furthermore, during my earlier student years, I had the opportunity to work for a Swedish enterprise.

However, the impetus behind my pursuit of delving into communication infrastructure was spurred by a convergence of circumstances. This includes my familiarity with an individual who held the pivotal role of information disclosure within the context of Ericsson, a joint venture with Sony, and our personal acquaintance. During a conversation that transpired a considerable while ago, when I ventured to inquire why communication technology found its nexus within the Nordic landscape, he graciously offered counsel. He advanced the notion, “While a tapestry of historical factors is woven into the fabric, it is conceivable that their veneration for resource exploration and extraction techniques organically intertwined communication as an innate facet of their journey.” This dialogue bestows upon me a cosmic perspective that spans from resource origins to the celestial domain of communication.

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