Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 13/08/2023

I spent another day at the University of Tokyo Hongo Campus. If I were to encounter acquaintances who harbor malevolent thoughts of exploiting or benefiting from the results of the global leverage I’ve built through press coverage, for their own self-interest and not for anyone else’s sake, I believe I must shatter those faint expectations. If someone were to take advantage and gain something, it goes without saying that such wicked gains should be rightfully taken away by the appropriate forces. Anthropologically speaking, so-called infant killings and disappearances are phenomena observed in all uncivilized societies, and I am convinced that there are valid reasons behind them.

While at the convenience store on Hongo Campus, a suspicious man entered and behaved strangely. When I inquired about commonly known information related to the University of Tokyo, it turned out he was a fake student. He somewhat resembled an old friend who became a salesman without much scientific learning, but he was indeed a different person. Trivial friendships have already faded away, and only close relationships with journalists and researchers from media outlets persist.

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