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Editors’ Diary 12/08/2023

Wien, Vienna is synonymous with refined sophistication – from the Altenberg literary haven of Café Central to the grandeur of the imperial waterworks and the tasteful public housing. Yet, its enigmatic allure persists due to deeply biased perspectives, often disregarding entities like the German-sightseeing-oriented Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde. This city, with its storied history, has long served as a diplomatic stage and is still shrouded in mystery.

My professional interaction with this city has been primarily limited to the IEA, an organization that chose Vienna as its headquarters. I’ve been monitoring their media disclosures. Additionally, news emerged regarding Infineon, a semiconductor manufacturer spun off from Germany’s Siemens, announcing the construction of a new automotive semiconductor factory in Austria.

Austria is also home to IMS, a company crucial to cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing. They create devices that replicate semiconductor blueprints through the art of printmaking. This company is a subsidiary of Intel, which recently divested a portion of its shares to Bain Capital.

The presence of such companies within a nation housing the illustrious Albertina, renowned for its world-class collection of prints and drawings, is an entirely fitting and harmonious alignment with the principles of human civilization. This summer at the Albertina, attention is drawn to exhibitions that celebrate historical paintings and offer a retrospective of Baselitz’s creations. Meanwhile, the Albertina Modern hosts an exhibition showcasing the works of the Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara.

Albrecht Dürer. Young Hare (1502). Albertina Museum, Vienna

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