Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 12/08/2023

In Japan, there is a media called “Makimono,” which is a rolled-up storage medium used to record images and textual information, also associated with imagery of Ninja. It served as the inspiration for my pen name during my student days and has subtly influenced the style of my newspaper articles. There are also non-scroll versions available. I’ve also explored IBM and Fujifilm’s LTO technology at news agencies.

Similar media exist worldwide, such as ancient Egyptian materials at the Austrian National Library, documents at the Vatican Library, and the Torah scrolls among Jewish communities. Its modern counterpart, LTO, is an essential element for Amazon and Google’s cloud computing infrastructure.

During my childhood, I avidly read lectures by Borges on the Talmud at Harvard, despite the illusion of their content, and acquired a media-studies perspective. Books as a medium have no inherent superiority, and one should explore all options, including television journalism, to pursue a comprehensive range of choices.

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