Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 11/08/2023

During the Bonn Festival period, Tokyo experiences a surge in human mobility, giving rise to the distinct languidness of summer that diverges from the usual state of affairs. During this juncture, individuals find themselves nurturing a sense of local affinity akin to a subcategory of ancestor veneration. However, I am confined to the University of Tokyo’s Hongo campus due to a lack of funds for travel.

Even while in Tokyo, fragments of my hometown abound. For instance, the Nippon Steel, where my great-grandfather served, appears to stand as the sole gold sponsor for the University of Tokyo’s Economics Faculty. In Toyosu, my former residence, I perceive the lingering presence of my grandfather. Shibuya’s Sendagaya and Jingu-Gaien, where my parents once resided, also holds significance.

Undoubtedly, nostalgia is the indigo mood of an exile.

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