Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 08/08/2023

If involving oneself in matters that lack thorough comprehension were deemed a distinctive hallmark of modernity, such a perspective could plausibly find grounds in reasoned understanding.

As I currently find myself situated within the precincts of the University of Tokyo’s campus, allow us to illuminate this concept employing the institution of higher learning as an exemplar. Consider, for instance, the scenario wherein a concept regarded as rudimentary within one academic division finds itself integral to the advanced curriculum of a different department with elevated academic standing. Such a configuration is methodologically inherent and bears no peculiar anomaly. However, the gulf in knowledge and capability remains irrefutably profound. Nevertheless, it is within the confines of our shared world that all must engage with certain uniform topics.

Alternatively, let us posit a scenario wherein a student, buoyed by a sense of proficiency in the STEAM disciplines, comes into play. Envision, if you will, a circumstance in which an individual akin to myself, hailing from the realm of practical industry—prior to my transformation into a news reporter, having traversed the corridors of academic endeavor within the realms of electronic engineering, design, and art history—might hold expectations concerning the ability to solicit a rudimentary exposition on number theory, much in line with the anticipations levied upon one immersed in scholastic pursuits. Whether this student could indeed deliver such an elucidation remains a matter of indeterminacy.

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