Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 31/07/2023

Today, I used the Honda e electric vehicle as a temporary room during my stay at the University of Tokyo Hongo Campus. It offers in-car Wi-Fi (though UTokyo Wi-Fi is more comfortable), audio, TV, 100-volt outlets, and multiple USB ports for power supply, making it a comfortable mobile office. I even thought about the possibility of adding a microwave for frozen food as an option. However, what impressed me more was the front seats’ ceiling, which acts as a sunroof, allowing abundant natural light when needed, evoking a sense of “interior” reminiscent of the so-called Biedermeier era.

By the way, it was previously shared within my former company that I belong to a family lineage in the military blast furnace industry dating back to pre-war Japan, known as the Nippon Steel. However, in my role as a journalist, I am not involved in construction materials beyond glass manufacturing, cement, and the former Hitachi Metals. Nevertheless, being in charge of telecommunications and IT, I can’t help but marvel at the wide range of tasks I’ve been involved in.

Furthermore, I received my personal car back from Yanase after repairs were completed. As part of the repairs, they installed a high-functioning drive recorder produced by DENSO, a Tier 1 company in the automotive parts industry and an essential part of the automotive supply chain. It’s an uncommon choice as it’s not commercially available, and its manual starts with descriptions related to satellite signals, making it a unique option for personal vehicles. I have a personal connection with DENSO through technology journalism, and having experienced a glimpse of their cutting-edge technologies, I feel a deep sense of nostalgia.

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