Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 29/07/2023

Tonight, I embarked on a short trip to Yokohama National University in Toyota’s latest model of the Prius before returning to the University of Tokyo’s Hongo campus. Yokohama City is known as a stronghold of a former prime minister. The beautiful campus of YNU, adorned with captivating hydrangeas, still bears traces of its potential expansion into a vast university, contingent on how adjustments to population influx policies within the Tokyo metropolitan area are managed, although such plans have likely been abandoned.

On my way back, while driving on the metropolitan expressway, I was unexpectedly subjected to a sudden flash of light. I had been driving at a reasonable speed, carefully observing my meters, making it unlikely that this was an administrative speed regulation measure. Nevertheless, it was an uncomfortable experience, and there remains a possibility that a malicious individual may have directed a laser beam at me.

If this incident involves administrative intervention, it is regrettable. In Japan, due to political tensions, journalists often hold the rare “Blue License.” However, it would be problematic if special treatment were being provided to someone currently in an extremely challenging position, solely affiliated with the University of Tokyo Graduate School and the United Nations Institute. Such handling is not appropriate for someone who has neither access to a chauffeured car nor any taxi vouchers.

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