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Editors’ Diary 26/07/2023

I’m deeply disappointed to share that the opportunity to become a journalist and editor-in-chief for a news site didn’t materialize as expected. It appears that my summer vacation will be extended for the time being.

In December 2021, I worked as a newspaper reporter covering NTT and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Regrettably, as a government official, my parents forcibly took me away and confined me to my family home, completely shattering the life I had envisioned with a woman named 上田早織 Saori Ueda.

Since then, I managed to break free from my confinement by joining a newspaper company with a distinguished history in the Tohoku region. While simultaneously being associated with several graduate schools (including the University of Tokyo within Japan), I am determined to make my return to journalism in Tokyo.

However, whenever the prospect of a comeback seems possible, my parents or siblings invariably obstruct my efforts, placing me in an exceedingly challenging position. Nonetheless, I have no intention of giving up.

3 responses to “Editors’ Diary 26/07/2023”

  1. Your family has never interfered with your job hunting. Rather, your parents have already covered 11.7 million yen against his debt from 2021.12.

    1. I was the one who suggested her to make a comment. As for the content, it is not worth considering.

      It should be noted that she is under police investigation for suspicion of assault.

  2. It should be noted that my former colleague, 八巻高之 Takayuki Yamaki, who was responsible for causing this situation, has transferred to Nikkei BP and returned as a journalist. Additionally, he is promoting areas such as electronic components, digital content, and intellectual property strategy (I should mention that I was the one who obtained comments from the head of the Cabinet Office in charge of intellectual property strategy). I would like to clarify that Mr. Yakamaki’s previous coverage was in the oil industry and unrelated to digital technology.

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