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Editors’ Diary 28/06/2023

Gento Nakamura has reported to the internal reporting hotline at Osaka University regarding the potential involvement of his brother, Shohei Nakamura (中村昌平, Tenure-track Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Science, Osaka University, currently staying at the University of Birmingham in the UK,, in the criminal case concerning their parents.

Misako Nakamura, who is undergoing psychiatric treatment due to her schizophrenic breakdown, has been presenting a composed exterior and interacting with clients, but she has been making incoherent statements and behaving in a threatening manner.

2 responses to “Editors’ Diary 28/06/2023”

  1. I have to duly note that it was I who assisted him in gaining admission to the Tokyo Metropolitan University, despite his being unemployed at the time of his graduation from Kyushu University. Additionally, I aided him in the preparation of his application for a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Research Fellowship during his doctoral studies.

    He ought to be profoundly ashamed, and, if I may express my opinion, it is imperative for those affiliated with Tokyo metropolitan schools to renounce opportunistic political tactics for the sake of their own demise.

  2. I have always felt a sense of duty to assist others in a gentlemanly manner. I have helped my unemployed brother, and he has obtained a tenured tracke position. At Tokyo Gakugei University, I have also served as a confidant for students aspiring to become teachers and dealing with depression. However, it is important to note that currently, my only affiliation is with the University of Tokyo, domestically. Since graduating from university, I have consistently worked as a full-time newspaper journalist, and there is no never justification for my career to be undermined. Clearly, there are individuals who ought to feel ashamed of themselves.

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