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Editors’ Diary 03/05/2023, or a Criminal Offense

On May 1st, I went to the Fukagawa Police of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to consult about a case. As Toyosu is under the jurisdiction of Fukagawa Police, I explained the situation that happened in December 2021 when I was suddenly kidnapped by Masahiko Nakamura (Head of the Collection Department, Fukuoka National Taxation Bureau, Ministry of Finance) and his wife Misako (Muju Co., Ltd.), who are my parents, causing me to lose my job and family. The details are as follows:

Gent Nakamura, a journalist who covered the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the telecommunications industry at the time and lived in Koto-ku, was suddenly visited by Misako Nakamura, a director of Muju Co., Ltd., without his consent around December 10, 2021. She threatened him by saying, “If you don’t come back with me, I will cut off your family ties,” and then took him to Fukuoka, where his parents’ house is, by plane. At the same time, Misako Nakamura’s husband, Masahiko Nakamura, who was the head of the collection department at the Fukuoka National Taxation Bureau, called Gent Nakamura’s workplace without his consent and attempted to obstruct his work. There were instructions from Masahiko Nakamura for this series of actions. While being confined at his parents’ house in Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Gent Nakamura repeatedly asked to be sent back to Tokyo, but Masahiko and Masako repeatedly threatened and obstructed him by saying things like “I will cut off your family ties.” To fabricate a reason for their actions, Masahiko and Masako forced Gent Nakamura to visit a psychiatric hospital, but the diagnosis was only for “neurasthenia,” which is not a real condition. During this time, he was forced to report all his movements, including going outside, and all his financial transactions. He was also forced to share his communication content with his workplace and specify his communication destinations and communication contents. As a result, Gent Nakamura lost his job opportunities and was forced to break off his engagement with fiancee, who lived with him in Tokyo. In addition, for several days, he was uninsured without his consent, and he lost the opportunity to receive a benefit worth 4 million yen afterwards. After that, Gent Nakamura was forced to change jobs, worked as a journalist for the Akita Sakigake Shimpo, and then returned to Tokyo, where he is currently conducting job search activities while studying as a graduate student mainly at European institutions. Masahiko and Misako Nakamura have repeatedly sent abusive messages to Gent Nakamura, who lost his job and marriage opportunities and is now struggling financially, through phone calls and messaging apps, such as “I want you to die,” and these actions have continued even now, more than 3 months after Masahiko Nakamura acknowledged his wrongdoing and apologized once. Recently, when Gent Nakamura consulted with a lawyer, he received an opinion that this could be considered a criminal offense.

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