Sannenzaka Correspondence

Editors’ Diary 23/04/2023

Due to family circumstances, I reluctantly left the world of journalism and pursued my research as a graduate student. However, I still desired to document my experiences. Unfortunately, leaving my job led to the end of my marriage. I was grateful to have shared my life with someone who understood the demands of a journalist, constantly consumed by the world’s happenings. Alas, a selfish elder’s outburst caused us to part ways. Later on, I was hired as a reporter for the historic newspaper, Akita Sakigake. But having previously covered many nationwide topics, I found myself with little to do at the company, so I returned to Tokyo. Currently, I spend my days peacefully at the University, where I was fortunate enough to land a graduate student position. I work on my research and indulge in sports, with not much else occupying my time. Occasionally, I travel to Europe for my graduate studies. At an age where both my career and personal life were supposed to be making great strides forward, I can’t help but feel displeased about spending my time in this way. Nevertheless, I am doing everything that I can.

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