Sannenzaka Correspondence

Statement: Why did we have to start the blog?

After going through a pandemic, a completely new era has begun. Humanity is facing challenges such as climate change, digitalization, multi-polarization of values, long-standing natural resource problems, and ongoing armed conflicts. It is difficult to say that we have sufficient tools for thinking about these issues, so we decided to create a blog called “Sannenzaka Correspondence” as a “virtual studio” to accumulate ideas for overcoming these difficulties. As a journalist who values organizations, it is unusual to do something like this in Japan’s media industry. Therefore, we will communicate information in languages other than Japanese (initially in English or occasionally in German) as a precaution. Also, as a graduate student based in Europe, we are expected to write about contents that bridge academic research and journalism. Furthermore, we are currently not working for a specific media outlet, which allows us to do this, but it should be noted in advance that there is a concern that the update frequency may decrease if we return to the press.

The triad of compelling investigation, multidimension analysis, and progressive dialogue is of paramount importance above all. From the viewpoint of journalism, there is a strong demand for creating a blueprint of the current economic and social structure and re-examining it. We will publish the results of this work with the aim of contributing to the development of democracy. Interviews with experts, scholars, analysts, and the like who are knowledgeable about the issues are also expected to be conducted. We guarantee the quality of this work as being on par with what is done in commercial media in Japan.

This blog is edited using the WordPress platform. While there is controversial debate about utilizing external platforms, it is noteworthy that many media outlets are actually using digital platforms outside their organization, yet are reluctant to reveal this fact. There is a possibility of constructing our own blog in the future, but currently we prioritize speed and scalability.

Finally, we would like to briefly share the background of Gento Nakamura, the founder and writer of our blog. He has been a journalist responsible for economics, tech companies, research and development, and related government policies. In the past, he has conducted exclusive coverage on Japan’s advanced technology investment and led investigative reporting that crosses national borders on cutting-edge technology and security. Currently, he is studying social sciences and security studies at international organizations in Geneva, Switzerland, and several graduate schools in Europe.

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